I am Ishan Sharma, an iOS Engineer at Amazon in Vancouver.

Previously, I’ve worked as a Full Stack Engineer at GAI Technologies and Epictions.

If you want to ask a question or just say hello, feel free to drop a mail to hey (at) ishan (dot) co.

This Site

This site is built with:

  • Hugo: Fast static site generator.
  • PaperMod Theme: An excellent theme for Hugo. My fork with minor customizations is available on GitHub: ishansharma/Hugo-PaperMod.
  • AWS Amplify: Simple and fast static site hosting.
  • Hyvor Talk: A privacy-focused commenting platform. I think comments have contributed a lot to my posts in the past, and I prefer using a good platform instead of a free one that shows you ads or sells your data.
  • Duct tape: My WordPress to Hugo Converter that I used to migrate content.