Jason Kincaid recently wrote Evernote: The Bug Ridden Elephant.

This post made to top of Hacker News and echoes lot of thoughts that I have about Evernote.

I know it is heartbreaking to see something like this said about your product, but this is what many users think, just see the comments on Hacker News.

I consider myself a not so heavy user but I too face quite some issues. And instead of fixing them, you go on making new products and adding new features. I am not against new features but please improve a few things.

  • iOS App: There has been lot of improvement in iOS app from Evernote 4 to 5. BUT, there are still some issues sitting in the corners that can bite at the wrong time. Imagine taking 50 snapshots of a book to share with others to find that some of them are jumbled! Oh, and some are randomly cropped. Would be frustrating, right? This happens when I take snapshots with Evernote app(in handwriting mode). Add a lot of images and Evernote will choke. And as you might have heard, apps do not perform well. On my iPad 4, orientation change animation still stutters a bit. Small things like these affect user experience a lot.
  • Windows Client: Windows client has also improved quite a lot over time. But again, there are several issues First, please make HTML pasting reliable. When I paste something, it’s formatting is carried on! This is very annoying. Whenever I paste 18px sized font, I don’t want my whole note to be 18px! Second, GIFs do not play well. They show a lot of framing.
  • Skitch: Skitch is a nice peace of Software. I use Windows client and it works well, till you go back to Evernote for Windows. Every screenshot is in my default notebook! Please add an option to specify a notebook.

These are just some of the annoyances that I have.

You have made a fantastic product, but please improve it.

Thank you.