Yesterday afternoon, I stumbled across this article on Shoe Money: This Crazy Little Experiment Could Increase Your Income By 300%.

It’s about how donating a small amount can help you increase your income.

I usually do not check Shoe Money but today, just checked out of curiosity. And thinking about the article, I decided to donate a small amount.

Where? No idea! I just wanted to donate.

Then in evening, I was searching for something and saw Wikipedia’s appeal for donations.

Already in good mood, I decided to make a small donation.

Now, I wasn’t expecting anything as a return from the donation because I just wanted to help in keeping Wikipedia free.

But just a few hours after it, a surprise came. A client wanted to use HG and decided to sign up using our affiliate link. That means straight $50 in commission.

Well, it might be just a coincidence but looks like the post has some truth!

You help others, you get helped by God!

Did you help anyone?

P.S.: Help in keeping Wikipedia free. Donate here. They are accepting any amount you want to donate!