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I use Apps. I use a lot of Apps on my phone and tablet!

As a Windows user, I was always fascinated and impressed by number of good apps that OS X had.

Having made the switch to Mac recently, I went all in on apps! This is a list of Mac only apps that I love.

I would have loved to include cross-platform ones but you may already be using them and I don’t want you to read about them for a billionth time.


Coming from iOS, I decided to try Reeder 2 first. However, I soon read about ReadKit and found it better. It has support for more services (in my case, both Readability, Pocket and Pinboard) and I just like the user interface.

Airmail 2

I didn’t want to use either Apple Mail or Outlook. But I had read too many complaints about Mail app and based on my first impression, it seemed to be bulky. Also, I was using Mailbird which had GMail shortcuts built-in.

I use Mailbox on iOS and that was a natural starting point. The excitement lasted for 5 minutes and bugs started to appear!

I could not archive mails after replying. It also didn’t support anything other than GMail and iCloud. Though I won’t hold it against them because it is still in beta!

After reading a bit, I found that Airmail being a lot. Got it and couldn’t have been happier. It is quite good, supports Markdown and GMail shortcuts. There are some minor annoyances but overall, it is an excellent mail client!

P.S. If you still are on Windows, do try Mailbird. It is amazing!


Pinbox is a nice little PinBoard client. I have used Pinboard for bookmarking for a long time now and Pinbox is exactly the kind of app that I needed.

It allows me to bookmark stuff, access and edit in a small window without having to go to the browser.

I’d have loved something like Pinner for Mac but it is a good one as well!


Desk is the blogging app that I am using right now. It doesn’t have all the features in the world and is a bit pricey.

However, I was impressed that the developer has blogged since 2001 regularly and made an app for himself. Couldn’t have gone wrong there.

There are still some rough edges and bugs but overall, I like it!


I got Alfred just yesterday but from looks of it, it seems like Spotlight on steroids.

I used Launchy on Windows and it was good. But spotlight just blew my mind off! It could do so much more.

And Alfred takes that to next level. I can launch programs, have system actions like sleep, lock mapped to keywords and what not!

It does miss currency conversion feature that I am used to in Spotlight but that’s not a big deal!

Any recommendations?

These are the apps that I have been using regularly since I got my new Mac. Do you have any suggestions for me? Feel free to share in comments!