Now this is a problem that I think only I and John Siracusa will ever have, but it’s annoying and if you ever find yourself getting annoyed with Safari’s behaviour of opening links in oldest window, this is a quick workaround it.

The Problem

If you have multiple Windows open in Safari, links from another application open in the oldest window. It doesn’t consider the last used window was or if there’s a window on another space.

My setup: I have a simple setup where I have a general browsing window and a “learning” window. These two stay open all the time and learning is usually minimised. I use excellent Choosy app to open links from Twitterific and a few other apps in Safari because FF is too much of a battery hog these days.

The Solution

Short version: Make the window you want the links to open in the oldest window.

Long version: This is highly specific and manual, but it’s optimised for my setup. If you find links consistently opening in minimised window, just go ahead and close it. Close all windows except the one you want links to open in and then go to “History” “Recently Closed” and reopen the closed windows.

Send Feedback to Apple

I know this isn’t the best solution but it works as long as you don’t close the oldest window. If you want a better one, send your feedback to Apple.