Safari Logo

I just switched to Safari.

There goes Chrome. Yes, Chrome is fast, good looking and what not. But the biggest problem with Chrome is that it is from Google.

Not that I hate Google, I love them. I love their Search, GMail and almost every product sans Android.

The thing that prompted me to switch was a small quirk with Chrome.

When I go full screen in Chrome, there’s no address bar and tab bar. Not a big issue, so I will live with that.

The real problem was this: Someone at Google decided to make the “Press Escape To Leave Fullscreen” message appear whenever mouse moves near upper edge of screen.

All well and good.

While surfing, it does not create any problems at all.


When I am writing a new post in fullscreen, it was a big problem!

I was just unable to focus on Upload Media and linking options on WordPress editing bar because that useless notice would show up and steal focus. So, I had to either leave full screen or focus on the upper side of icon to be able to click it.

After getting fed up of this, I just switched to Safari.

Safari shows the address bar, tab bar and menus only when I hit the uppermost line of pixels.

Yes, I miss a few things like Mouse Gestures and Auto Pause on YouTube, but I’ll leave with these quirks as long as my primary task(writing) isn’t interrupted by the browser.

Also, with the stupid changes that Google makes, I’ve started disliking Chrome. They just removed “+” sign from the new tab button.

It looks plain and stupid now.

That is a common problem with Engineers. But let’s discuss that some other day!

Meanwhile, give Safari a try. Who knows, you may like it!