I have grown up hating one kind of people:

Those who copy.

I want to punch a guy when he copies from me. But thanks to me being a bit shy and my lack of punching(or beating) power, I have not beaten down anyone yet.

Anyway, take a look back at your childhood.

In every class, there is one intelligent kid who knows a lot, who passes most of the tests with flying colours.

And, there is a kid who copies from him. Whose only/major purpose of sitting with/around the intelligent kid is to copy.

And while I have copied quite a bit in school, I have been in the position of the intelligent kid a lot of times. And every time someone copied from me, I had the bad feeling.

It is just unfair when I do all the hard work, spend time studying and someone just walks away with better results than they deserve.

I have had this feeling throughout my life. And this is the reason I hate Samsung.

Samsung is the kid that copies.

Call it successful marketing or positioning, Apple has always been that intelligent kid. The one who gets almost every shot right.

And Samsung, they are the kid who wants attention and copies to make sure that he gets it.

In my view, Apple has two kinds of customers:

  1. Those who buy their products as a show off, a status symbol. (And with iPhone and iPad, I think these are the majority.)
  2. Those who really connect with their “genius kid” image.

Remember Apple was sinking in 1990s?

Who saved company then?

It was the cult. I do not remember who said this and couldn’t find anything related even after 20 minutes of search, but it is exactly true:

It’s the cult that has kept the company floating all those years.

And the cult does not consist of people who want Apple as a status symbol. The cult consists of intelligent people, geniuses, the leaders. They connect with the “intelligent kid” image of people.

Ever wondered why artists, musicians and designers tend to use Apple products.

The answer is their intelligent kid image.

I am not an artists, genius or anything remotely close to these but I have had that murderous feeling many times when someone copies from me.

And that is why I hate Samsung. They are the kid who copies, and like all kids who copy, I hate them.