I joined a big corp last year and one of the few things that I don’t like is using Microsoft Outlook. Luckily, it’s not enforced but using a third party client is not really an option. Big corps run on Outlook, so I’ve been using it for past 7 months. I’ve bent it a bit to match the Mail.app experience using the macOS keyboard shortcuts but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Today, I was setting up a few rules in Mail.app on my personal laptop to keep my inbox clear and I came across one of the little delights of macOS.

When you select an email and go to Preferences Rules and add a rule, the from, to and other fields are automatically filled for you. Here’s a screenshot:

macOS Mail.app - Creating Rules

I’ve been creating rules in Outlook and always had to copy this info.

This, the well thought out keyboard shortcut systems and the stationary pad feature in finder are some of the little delights that make using macOS fun and I hope Apple keeps on adding more delights like these.