If you are considering buying Apple Care for your iPhone or iPad in India, you may want to reconsider that.

I recently dropped my phone and had a minor bump. I knew that Apple Care+ covers accidental damage in US but wasn’t sure about India. I had a call with Apple Customer Care and found that India’s Apple Care Protection Plan does not cover any accidental damage.

If you damage your device, Apple does not do any repairs. You can only go for replacement and that is almost 60-70% of the device cost.

When I was in the service centre, I heard 2 replacement prices for iPhones:

  1. iPhone 5s replacement for INR 23000.
  2. iPhone 6 replacement for INR 45000.


  1. If you saw Apple’s US site and were under impression that your devices will have accidental damage protection, that’s not the case.
  2. Keep your Apple devices carefully, replacements are quite expensive.
  3. Consider getting a third party insurance. They generally have accidental damage and theft covered.