One sentence review: Someone please fire Zack Snyder.

Long one:

Batman Begins was the first proper superhero movie that I watched and liked. I became a fan of Christopher Nolan from there.

Batman trilogy remains my favourite series of movies to this date. Whoever decided to give Batman v Superman and Justice League to Zack Snyder messed up, big time!

The only positive thing with Zack Snyder (and Batman v Superman) is action. He’s good at showing action. Everything else just goes on back burner.

With Batman v Superman, he’s done an injustice to Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and practically everyone.

Spoilers Ahead

Thank God he did not get to focus too much on Wonder Woman. She’s the highlight of the movie.

This is a movie where Batman and Superman are fighting like kids. Batman has no major motivations except “Superman broke my tower and killed people, I must kill him!” and is mad in rage.

Oh, and he breaks his ‘one rule’! While not directly, I think he killed at least a dozen people in the movie.

And Superman? He’s a teenager walking into every possible trap. Oh, and he can hear his wife in trouble from a mile away but his mother gets kidnapped and he’s oblivious.

Lex Luthor. Now this was a guy I did not know much about. Only time I saw him was in some cartoons ages back and recently, in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Injustice wasn’t that good but the way they showed Luthor was good. He was a calm, confident genius who knew what he was doing.

Here, he’s just a cheap joker.

Not to say that the movie is entirely bad. The action is nice. And when Wonder Woman arrives, she’s a ray of hope. My theory is that Snyder was too involved thinking about Superman and Batman and forgot about her,thus not making her needlessly dark and boring!

If you go to watch it, don’t have high expectations.