It’s hard to believe but I had a two year old picture on all my profiles.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and everywhere else, I used this pic.

This pic reminds me of good old days. I used to live in Hamirpur. This pic was taken by my best friend, Ajay. Back then, I weighted some 60+ kgs and all my jeans were fit!

Now, I have lost some 15 kgs(without any need, thanks to bad food provided by our mess!) and all my jeans are loose! :(

Also, I wanted to update the pic for long time. In search for the pic, I even had a small photoshoot with my photographer friend Chintan Doshi and my Sony Ericsson W595 which resulted in some weird shots!

Last night, I was getting bored and decided to get a good profile picture. First, I took an outline effect image with Webcam Toy. Next, I removed background using Aviary. Finally, I was able to achieve this:

Works well! So, finally, I have a new profile pic. Yay! :D