I love design philosophy of Apple:

It Just Works.

You get an Apple product and it just works. Noticed this today when using a friend’s iPhone for listening to songs. The earphones are great. They sound good and the mic is exceptionally designed.

“What’s so special?”, you might ask.

Well, they look good. And talking about design, let me first add a quote by Steve Jobs:

Design is not how it looks, it is how it works

And these earphones just work. The mic comes in very handy when you are listening to music. The volume controls and the pause button are great!

When using these, I got reminded of a post by Joel Spolsky, Hitting the High Notes. In this post, Joel has explained why Apple is Apple.

Just read this excerpt:

Apple made a decision based on style, in fact, iPod is full of decisions that are based on style. And style is not something that 100 programmers at Microsoft or 200 industrial designers at the inaptly-named Creative are going to be able to achieve, because they don’t have Jonathan Ive, and there aren’t a heck of a lot of Jonathan Ives floating around.

I’m sorry, I can’t stop talking about the iPod. That beautiful thumbwheel with its little clicky sounds …  Apple spent extra moneyputting a speaker in the iPod itself so that the thumbwheel clicky sounds would come from the thumbwheel. They could have saved pennies … pennies! by playing the clicky sounds through the headphones. But the thumbwheel makes you feel like you’re in control. People like to feel in control. It makes people happy to feel in control.The fact that the thumbwheel responds smoothly, fluently, andaudibly to your commands makes you happy. Not like the other 6,000 pocket-sized consumer electronics bit of junk which take so long booting up that when you hit the on/off switch you have to wait a minute to find out if anything happened. Are you in control? Who knows? When was the last time you had a cell phone that went on the instant you pressed the on button?

Granted, this is a bit old. But to this day, most of these things are true. Apple is all about style, design and experience. Technologically, there are 100 other companies that can produce better or powerful devices. But they can’t get that experience.

The experience is what makes iPhone a great smartphone. It has that experience!

No other phone with 2 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and a standard OS can beat it. It will be better technologically and maybe in terms of looks too. But experience, na, never!

Experience is something that a 100 coders copiers at Android will never be able to get. It is something that a big hardware giant like Samsung will never be able to replicate.

So, Apple haters, keep your arguments to yourself. Play with your Samsungs, Androids and what not.

I love the experience and I’ll choose that any day.


Because here’s what other smartphones work like:

You have to push them to make them work.

iPhone, it just works! And looks great too.

Next time you think about comparing anything with iPhone, ask yourself, “does it just work?”

And before you tout your next “iPhone Killer”, just keep in mind that only thing that caused decline in iPod sales is iPhone! There was never an iPod killer and there will not be an iPhone killer for same reason!

Call me part of cult, fanboy or what, but Apple is Apple!

Push Image Credit: meshmar2 vis flickr.