Batman Arkham City

It is plainly the second best game I’ve ever played.

Well, I am a bit biased towards Assassin’s Creed 2 because of its medieval setting (I love swords and blades) and a somewhere better character, Ezio.

But Batman is not far behind. I love the approach. All the survey and analysis that Batman does while sitting comfortably on a Gargoyle is just great. It gives you a sense of being a predator.

And that feels great.

It is not often in games that you are sitting on a vantage point scanning the room for enemies and then making plans about how to take them down. Only Batman can do that.

To add to the situation, you are just a normal person in armour.

Batman is very delicate for a game. 5 bullets and he’s gone! (Even a wounded soldier in Call of Duty can survive better than him!)

But still, Arkham City is one great game. I did not like Cat Woman at all, but Batman more than makes it up!

The controls are mostly fluid and combat feels good. Towards the end though, combat becomes bit of a chore with multiple types of enemies. They all have specific strategies to defeat them and its hard to concentrate on single one when you’ve got more than 6 of them. But this is just a minor quirk.

Overall, this is one great game. You have got to play this!

P.S. I’m fully aware that the image used at top is Batman logo from movies, it is just a better logo than game!