I do not get philosophical often. But this evening, I was thinking a lot in free time.

What are we? We are so small in this universe. Our earth is a small planet, and we are too small in comparison to earth. We would need some 60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 humans to have mass equal to earth. Does that give you an idea of smallness?

And then not to forget that our big planet is itself like a grain of sand on a beach in the galaxy. And galaxy is again a grain of sand in the universe. This all is a big recursion.

We are like a grain of sand on a planet which is like a grain of sand in a galaxy which is like a grain of sand in the universe!

And we are nothing, literally nothing. We feel like we are important and what not. But have you ever thought what will happen 4 or more branches below in your family tree?

You will be a long forgotten memory. Your grandchildren may remember you, and if you are lucky, your great grandchildren may. But what after that?

You would not matter at all.

Only thing you will be remembered for is your legacy. What will you do in your lifetime that will make your family, or world remember you?

Will you keep wasting your time or do something worth remembering?