Ridiculous things happen.

I just spent an hour troubleshooting my blog. TinyMCE was not working and I was really worried. I was about to switch this blog to Tumblr when I noticed something, many menus on Tumblr were not working as well.

And a small bell in my head rang, “I am behind a proxy that is managed by idiots (my college staff, yes Sharda University, your IT staff is highly unqualified!)”

And I switched to 3G on my phone which I have to use regularly.

And guess what, everything is working smoothly!

Now, I have no idea why some javascript is being blocked here. OK, I get downloads and torrents. Wait, downloads? Even they are not safe with stunts like last week where our maximum download size for a single file was limited to 50 MB!

And then before that, when they decided to password protect Wi-Fi. Though the geniuses implemented this in most idiotic way possible, by adding the password directly in network settings on our laptops. They were seriously hoping that they would add a password that will stay on our hard disk without us finding it out. (Every student knew the password within 2 minutes of them putting it on first laptop!) Even then, they had a more idiotic policy of “no Wi-Fi for phones!”

Just in case you are a student and considering Sharda University, never come here! Most of the things are fine but if you are interested in anything remotely interested in internet, the speeds here are pathetic. Speeds are unusable between 6 PM to 2 AM and are at dial up levels between 11 AM to 6 PM.