My recent move to Hugo did not have any major bumps. The most time I spent troubleshooting was attempting to get Route 53 DNS working with Amplify for my domain.

However, in my last post on Screen Time, I managed to put an incorrect image in the body. I corrected that quickly, pushed a small commit and forgot about it. To my surprise, I found out earlier this week that it was’t fixed.

When investigating, I found that Amplify dashboard wasn’t showing my latest commits. No worries, computers can do that sometimes! May that commit had an issue?

I pushed some image alignment fixes to my import script and updated some posts. However, the new commits still didn’t show up. I tried connecting GitHub repo again by following these steps:

  1. Remove Amplify webhook from GitHub Repo → Settings → Webhooks
  2. On Amplify dashboard, go to App Settings → General.
  3. Press “Reconnect Repository” and cross my fingers. Unfortunately, that didn’t help as well.

Next step, I decided to create a new branch and deploy that. That went through. So GitHub and Amplify were talking fine, it was something wrong with the branch!

Comparing Webhook Payloads

I took a close look at the webhook payloads and noticed that the commits that did not trigger the build had 2 keys missing from the payload: commits and head_commit.

I’m not familiar with webhooks, so I pushed a new commit with a typo fix and see if that helped. And it did! The next webhook payload had the missing keys, and Amplify started working again.

I wish I had not removed previous webhook and had records on when the issue started happening. Hopefully, this fix will help you if your commits don’t start new builds. Meanwhile, I’ve filed a bug on amplify-hosting and hopefully this will get patched soon.