Apple Logo
I recently learned this when I formatted my laptop and reinstalled Windows 7.

After this, I went on to try the Lion Transformation Pack since I am a big fan of Mac and my next laptop will surely be a Mac.

And the moment I booted into Mac look, my eyes started hurting.

It was fine!

You know what the problem was?

It was fine!

Fine, that’s it. It did look like Mac. But like a Mac designed by Samsung. Which looks and works almost as well but is not upto Apple’s standards!

There were lot of rough edges like transparency not working properly.

And then I could not disable single features easily.

I uninstalled it in 5 minutes.

Lesson Learned: Imitation never works. At least not that properly.

Now, I’ll wait till my current Dell shows signs of aging(which, it will not so soon with Core i7 and 4GB RAM). Till, then, I have my first Apple device to play with, my iPhone 4S.