I used to be very frustrated with my old computer.


Because it was too slow. I knew that I could save some time by replacing it but my parents did not do that.

I kept getting frustrated and it showed in my life.

Next, I got a brand new laptop of my choice. It is fast, blazing fast!

Now, I’m happy. And it reflects.

Although there are still many annoyances like slow internet connections around me but the base, the laptop works fast thus reducing my frustration!

Two lessons:

  1. Small things build up. So, better to solve them instead of leaving.
  2. Do not be up to date about computers. Once you know that you are running a 800 MHz processor when most desktop computers have 2 core processors is highly unsatisfying!

P.S. I had 800 MHz processor! Now, I have a rocking 1.6 MHz Core i7!

Third Lesson: If you have something worth showing, show it! ;)