OK, so I am a writer.

And I am freelancer.

And I am pissed off.

Because people really think that writers are just typists! Who just run their hands on keyboard and do nothing else.

That is why there are so many freelancing jobs for $5 per article.

Wait, there are even more jobs for $1 per article.

I do not know what these guys think. This is really terrible.

If it’s so cheap, why don’t they do it themselves?

I do not know about them, but now, I am going to take Steve Jobs approach. Either the best or nothing. I am not an experienced writer but still, I do put time in articles. And if anyone pays me less than a fixed price(that’s a secret for now!), I won’t accept.

And slowly, as I earn experience and improve, I will work only for the best.

What’s the use of living in the bottom tier forever? Getting $1 per article. Such articles only get submitted to article directories and never read again. I won’t do anything like that.

My Principle:

Writer every article/blog post as if it’s for your own website. If you can not publish an article on your blog, do not do it anywhere else!

So, what do you think? Will you accept $5 per article?