What does it mean?

Well, for tech freaks Return = Enter Key.

But I am talking about a different type of return here.

Let’s start with a story(more of an incident):

Once Mahatma Buddha was sitting under a tree. A bad man came to him and started abusing him. Buddha did not say anything. The man continued abusing him.

After some time, he stopped. Mahatma Buddha stood up and asked him, “Do you want to say anything else?”

The man was amazed. He replied “No!”

Buddha’s followers, who were watching all this, asked him, “Why did you not reply wen he was abusing you?”

Mahatma Buddha asked, “What will happen if you want to give me something and I do not keep it?”

“That man will keep that.”

“It is same with abuses. He gave me abuses but I did not accept them. So, he has to take them all.”

How does it relate to us?

Actually, it is about everything. Advice, hints and abuses.

When someone gives you something, accept it or reject it.

Do anything but do not keep it!

If you accept, use it.

If you reject, tell the person giving it.

Do not just “keep” it and keep thinking about it.

That will only spoil your mood.

As I always say, “Live The Moment!”

One Last Thing: This post is itself a bit of advice. If you like it, use it. If not, throw it out of your window. Simple! :)