Just read Two Mechanics by David Masters.

And remembered a discussion with my roommate about Apple and Samsung last night.

Now that I’m owner of iPhone 4S, I can say a thing about design and functionality.

When you use iPhone, it works beautifully. Everything is magical. And I love that.

When it comes to Samsung and Google, I do not essentially hate them. But I do hate their bad designs and poor experience.

I used to like Google at one time. Because Windows UI was horrible compared to Google’s Simplicity. I loved their products and I still use them.

But then, I got to know about Apple.

Now, I am a big fan of Apple and that is for a reason, their quality. Yes, I pay a premium, but that’s better than getting headaches because of using bad UI.

I remember reading “Once You Go Mac, You Don’t Go Back.”

Times are changing and now, a better phrase would be:

Once You Go Apple, You Don’t Go Back