I’m reading Leo Babauta’s Effortless and so far, it is a great read. One very important point that caught my eye was that we should put equal weight to every action.

It is good advice and though I’m just trying it out, may prove out useful.

Basically, its about not making a priority list. Do not assign priorities to anything. Do everything that comes with equal priority. Simple.


Although this advice may seem useless to many on first sight, it is beautiful.

“There’s no use of putting much effort in a less useful task”, you might say.

But, is the task really less important?


Who said so?

We do not know the future and what may seem of very low importance can turn out to be the biggest decision of your life!

So, try it out at least once.

To the pessimists out there, I know you are thinking “What if I do something of low importance well and it does not help?” If you are, stop reading this post, close this tab and find something else to read. This post is written by an optimist.

When To Do This

Each and every moment. With every task that you encounter.


  1. Practice doing everything with equal importance. Start for small intervals. Like an hour.
  2. Slowly, increase the time of practice. Start doing it in long stretches.
  3. Repeat.

That’s it.

If you are still thinking that your work or _______ is of more importance, no one is stopping you. You can still do it.

This is the best thing with advice. Either you take it or throw it. No one forces you to follow it.

P.S. I tried giving equal importance to everything and this post is one of the results. What was going to be a 50 word recommendation for Effortless turned into a 300 word spell checked, Scribe Optimized post!

And yes, Effortless is a great book. To top it up, Leo has not set a price. You can decide your own price (even $0), so go get it.