Follow The Standards, Break The Rules

For those who don’t know, this is the tagline of Opera.

I had been trying to use Chrome for last 3 weeks. But something was missing!

I had tried my best to get comfortable with Chrome but finally, had to return to Opera.

My main reasons to switch from Opera were:

  1. Redirection Problems: With Opera 10.50, team Opera must have done something bad that caused redirects to screw up. For example, I could not log in to Facebook or any Google service at all.
  2. Occasional Hang****s: Now, I won’t blame Opera at all for this. It is natural to hang on a 800 MHz Pentium 3 processor. However, it was still annoying and after reading about how light Chrome was on resources, I decided to try it. Chrome annoyed me even more. It annoyed me in more creative ways. For example, if I entered a address and immediately switched to another tab, it would clear the address bar and would not load page!

Initially, I liked Chrome’s extensions. but soon, they started to feel more like Opera’s widgets(widgets that will hide the moment you switch to another tab. On a slow connection, this is irritating!)

So, today, I decided to get back to Opera and use it as my primary(read “only”) browser.

I use other browsers only if  a site is extremely necessary otherwise, I find an alternative that works with Opera!

Let’s see how my second run with Opera goes. Previous one lasted for 2 years and ended just 2 weeks ago.