True Detective S2 Stars
This season was very confusing.

Reddit seemed to hate it mostly.

Some of my friends hated it as well.

I had mixed feelings till the end. Here’s how it went:

  1. Acting: There was no Matthew McConaughey level acting here. Still, some characters were quite good. Vince Vaughn had quite good acting from start. By the end, I cared about Frank and Ray.
  2. Ending: I did prefer the Season 1 ending as it was more of a happy ending. I was hoping till the end that Frank would survive.
  3. Deaths: That’s another things that I hated about ending. They went full Game of Thrones and killed everyone. In fact, it looked inspired by Valar Morghulis.
  4. Plot: Half of the time, I was too confused about what was going on. When I did figure out what was going on, a lot of stuff didn’t get attention it should have. First episode was all about telling us about Casper’s killer and it all ended very strangely. Did they hire writers from WWE who suddenly decided to stop Crowmask’s push?
  5. Predictability: Most of the season was predictable. Episode 7 and 8 were the only ones that had me on the edge of my seat. Otherwise, I could see twists coming from a distance.
  6. Action: Action was good, though it went a bit over the board in that shootout. At least a dozen cops went in and only the leads survived! Too convenient? Yes, it is! They seemed to have more plot armour than Dany.
  7. Music: Music was the strongest point of this season. Season 1 had a strong title track. And it’s still better than Never Mind for season 2 but if I had to pick one track from whole series, it would be ‘Later’ by Lera Lynn. This song is just fantastic. Just listen:

This has got me thinking. I still dealt with this ending quite well. But what if Game of Thrones ends like this after 8 seasons? That will cause riots!

Anyway, let’s hope next season will be better. Or at least consistent.