You do not know it yet. But whatever has been taught to you is wrong. You have grown in a civilized society which tells you many different things. Things like:

  1. Obey the rules.
  2. Be Consistent.
  3. Be Impartial.

Problem is this:

All of these are wrong

Why? Because we live in a society. But all societies live in a bigger entity. And that is called “universe”! Let’s see what all we have been taught and what Universe says about it.

Obey The Rules

I found this one first page of Google while searching for “rules in civilized society”:

One of the most fundamental requirements of a civil society is the rule of law which means that the people must follow the law of the land irrespective of his or her status or position in the society. - For Life and Justice.

I will just quote Steve Jobs in reply:

This is shit.

Universe did not give a damn about rules and laws during big bang. Before it, every rule of physics was violated. All the matter of universe was concentrated on a single point. Had you been there, you would not have seen it as there was no light! Nothing except a single point, this is how the world was before big bang:

Universe Before Big Bang
And then after a big blast, the universe came into existence. Had universe followed a rule stating “stay a single dot”, we would not have been there.

Be Consistent

Be consistent! Follow what you say. Do not change sides. We all live in a world where we are taught to stay consistent, yet most of the rich people are inconsistent. They change statements and sides every day. This is especially true in India where politicians are richest(and most corrupt). In fact, following cartoon is more towards reality than a joke:

And people are being consistent was at bottom of pyramid. With all the floods, black holes, galaxy collisions, universe is being anything but consistent. And we are told to be consistent.

Be Impartial

Tell that to my friend:

Universe was being anything but impartial when it decided to hit earth with a big asteroid wiping out dinosaurs and leaving crocodiles, cockroaches and coackamice (yes they exist, true story!) Schools are a primary example of this as well. Teachers are expected to be impartial towards students. But all of us know that there’s one favorite of teacher who scores most and gets everything.

Our parents be impartial when all they notice is our grades and not the other thousand talents.

Bottom Line Put your energy into doing things you love. Do not be governed by rules which are wrong in first place. Do what you love, and stay awesome!