What do you do?

Are you a writer?

A developer?

Regardless of whatever you do, there’s one thing that you should remember:

Always use the best tools.


Because they:

  1. Save time
  2. Keep you happy

Save Time

Every saved second is precious. If you are wasting time in front of your computer doing nothing but waiting for something to happen, you will either get bored or switch to something else.

In both cases, time will be wasted.

And not to forget that there will be frustration. I used to be very frustrated when I had dinosaur of a computer and a feature phone. Now, the frustration levels have gone down.

Keep You Happy

Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy.

Unless you are a saint or an extraordinary person, you will want to control your environment. And bad tools give you a false if any sense of control.

They will malfunction, get broken and might miss something.

There’s nothing like that to handle on best ones.

So do anything, but try to get the best tools and use them.